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GiaGGio (previously known as Sdrumità) is a drummer and producer of electronic music.

In 2004 he moved around italy where he made studies of drums and he started to teach in several music academies.

It is in this period that the "electronic passion" comes out and GiaGGio begins the first electro dance productions and the first live set in the clubs.

From 2012 he was responsible for the musical direction of the gallery "Le Muse Factory" creating solutions for various music and sound art exhibitions and solo exhibitions of artists in the catalog, including "Millo - attempts to exhaustion of a place "and "Malta Geris - Animated CreActions."

In January 2014 he founded the digital label "Sdrumità Records" which releases on major digital portals (Beatport, Juno, iTunes, Spotify), mainly in sections - Dj Tools -.

In March 2014 his electronic version of the song "Swingin 'London", becomes track of the week on MTV New Generation.

His Electro Live Sets are very focused on finding the Groove, where live music and dance are tied to create innovative DrumJ Sets.

This way of "playing" live DJ sets led him to win the Biennale MArteLive 2014, the festival that honors the art 360°, selecting the best Italian artists.

In Spring 2015 he wins the Puglia Sounds Export - PO FESR PUGLIA 2007\2013.

September 2015 saw him engaged in a European tour that touches the city of Vigo (Spain); Valka (Latvia); Berlin (Germany); Brussels (Belgium); Liverpool (UK); Paris (France).

In the summer of 2016 he performed in New York (USA) where it presents a preview of his new single "Life in the Middle East".